Posted by Dan on August 6, 2012

The Phoenix…


Greetings ProjectGamers visitors and web staff! It’s been a very long time since I have posted, but rest assured I am back and should have a lot more content on the way for the remainder of 2012 and the coming future.  I would like to give a special welcome to those who are fist time visitors and hope that you enjoy our layout and content.  My goal is to help resurrect ProjectGamers and provide exciting editorial content and reviews for the coming future.  I’ll be the first to admit that life’s happenings come first and there have been many obstacles that have prevented me from writing more content and from being there for all of you.  Even my primary freelance writing outlet suffered for quite some time.  Without boring all of you with the details, I have lost 3 family members to various ailments between March 2010 and present, while also growing my own family in addition to dealing with all the other day to day struggles of life.  Change causes turmoil, can be drastic, painful, and creates a fire that seemingly burns you up and consumes you from the inside, but in the lore of the Phoenix, you can be reborn from the ashes if you are strong enough.

I have had the pleasure of being reborn myself from the ashes of life’s ongoing battles and I am now prepared to move ahead at full steam with articles that link both of my interests - Macs and Gaming.  My passion for writing and developing exciting content has returned and will be better than ever for the road ahead.  I have become much more educated in the capabilities of hardware/peripherals, and the gaming industry as a whole, so that’s where my focus will be going forward, but you can certainly count me to weigh in on the occasional AAA title.

As I mentioned, with my return to regular content at website Low End Mac, I plan on having articles that pertain to both Macs and Gaming (especially applications dedicated to Sony PlayStation gaming devices).  Many of my fans from Low End Mac and elsewhere on the web will surely come to ProjectGamers who have not visited the site, reinvigorating things even more.

Expect this to create a “snowball” effect of driving traffic and increasing exposure, giving ProjectGamers a much bigger place on the virtual map.  Also, you may remember Sony’s Gamer Advisory Panel (GAP)… I was a member from it’s early days and provided content until the bitter end last year when it was finally shut down by Sony.  I plan on not letting those years go to waste.  Expect guest interviews with former members as part of my editorial content that will give an insight on various games, hardware and a wide variety of other topics.  Other subject matter will be from a wide variety dedicated to gaming.  The GAP was full of gamers with multiple decades of gaming expertise, initially dedicated to helping provide engaging content, propositions and advice to Sony developers and others.  These guest interviews will now help make engaging content for you to get excited about and will provide yet another perspective and spin on things.

The energy of a reborn Phoenix is here for you! My next article will cover a now defunct device, one that many of you may not be aware of since Sony did not do enough to give it the impact it deserved: Sony’s LocationFree Base Station.  If you add the LocationFree Base Station into your arsenal a whole new world opens.  The purpose of the article will be to give you an idea of what you can do right now, and what might be possible when the technology gets better and is adapted in a new way for the Vita (which is already being done in Japan).  Stay tuned!

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