Posted by John on February 14, 2012

MASS EFFECT 3 PS3 Demo Delayed in Europe

PS3 users living in Europe will have to wait an extra day to play the Mass Effect 3 demo. Bioware confirmed that the PS3 version of the Mass Effect 3 demo will be released in Europe tomorrow according to this tweet:

“PSN will roll out all content for European users on Wednesday between 8am-12pm PST!”

In addition, the Mass Effect 3 PS3 demo in the United States will be the last to roll out, it will be released around 4pm PST. So for whatever reason PS3 users in both continents will have to wait a little bit longer to be playing the Mass Effect 3 demo. There have been some people who were able to get into the demo early and most of the early reviews for the demo have come back positive.

Personally I will be holding off to finish one more play-through of Mass Effect 2; I want to do a bad play-through to see how that changes the story in Mass Effect 3.

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