Posted by John on February 12, 2012

Will this be the first year that PS3 outsells 360 for a CoD game (MW3)?

It’s very close after only the first month of 2012, but PS3 version has the slimmest of leads over 360 version, though the mere fact of a YTD lead of any amount (even a within MoE lead) on PS3 for this game franchise is unprecedented. While sales differentials for CoD games have been narrowing over the years, to think that PS3 version would ever outsell 360 version liftetime is stretching credulity a tad. Though looking at the long terms sales pattern and seeing PS3 version creeping up on 360 version will make for an interesting guessing game for how much the gap may narrow over the course of the year. Clearly one thing this phenomenon reflects is that the FPS bug has spread throughout the world and it’s no longer largely a craze in the Xbox360 dominated (over PS3) markets

For 2011 Black Ops on 360 outsold PS3 by slightly over 200k. I don’t think MW3 on PS3 can outsell MW3 on 360 by anywhere near that amount this year, so in reality even though PS3 version might sell more in 2012 the decrease in LTD gap will be negligible.

Interestingly BF3 on PS3 has a substantial lead over 360 version in 2012 YTD. If that pattern continues then the gap for that game will shrink markedly given the LTD gap there is aonly a smidge over 800K. That gap could be halved.

Will there ever be a multi-million selling FPS that sells more on PS3 than 360?

Why and I making this thread? I don’t even like FPS. Oh well, I just thought it was an interesting sales figure to take note of.

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