Posted by John on February 11, 2012

Skyrim’s PS3 Patch Has a Few Extra Steps

So despite the Skyrim patch coming out a few days ago, some PS3 owners have claimed that it has done nothing to alleviate their slowdown woes. Nick Breckon, Community Manager over at Bethesda, suggested the following two steps:

  1. To ensure the fastest jump in performance after applying the patch, be sure to first create a new manual save by entering the save menu and choosing “save game.” You should then restart your PlayStation 3 before continuing to play.
  2. If you encounter strange behavior while playing immediately following application of the patch, do not be alarmed – this is a temporary effect of Skyrim scripts correcting themselves after the update. Once this process runs its course, be sure to make a new save and restart your PlayStation 3.

There are various reports that these steps do alleviate the problem a lot but not entirely cure it. But, hey, at least we’re getting somewhere.

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