Posted by John on February 11, 2012

Skyrim PS3 1.4/2.03 patch breeds uncertainty

Most PS3 users would have noticed the Skyrim 1.4 patch, known as v2.03 update on PlayStation 3, went live this week after concerns the patch might not make it until next week thanks to Sony’s drawn-out certification process. Now that the Skyrim update has gone live on PS3 we wanted to take a look at user reactions and run our own tests, which revealed a lot of uncertainty among gamers.

Skyrim provides varied user experiences especially when it comes to lag/frame rate issues – we’ve tested Skyrim for over 4 hours on the PS3 after patch 2.03/1.4 (94MB) and experienced no lag, which had been there before although not as bad after the previous patch. We have to point out that past experiences show this doesn’t mean all lag has been fixed for everyone, although it should considering Bethesda tracked down the problem, but we’ve seen situations before where Skyrim users experience issues others do not. So let us know if you’ve put in a few hours after installing the latest patch, and share your experience in the comments below.

Skyrim PS3 1.4/2.03 patch breeds uncertainty

Some bugs and broken quests remain – For now it seems the PS3 lag issue has been fixed but there are plenty of players reporting quest problems, so it would be good to share these in the hope they’re fixed in an update later. Some of the issues could be players doing things wrong, or they might be real glitches especially when you’re trying to complete a quest and find one of the important NPCs is dead already.

Are some problems meant to stay? When we first started playing Skyrim it confused us why a trader couldn’t be killed, which allowed us to rank up faster while trying to kill them and they continued to get up. The reason this NPC couldn’t be killed is because they’re an important part of the game and needed for a quest, although in some cases NPCs have been killed and then later in the game you’ll find a quest is impossible to complete thanks to an important person being killed. This issue still affects gamers after Skyrim’s 1.4 patch and we’ve seen it when one player tried to complete the companions quest, so which way should Bethesda handle these issues in Skyrim?

Some players believe that you should be able to kill all NPCs and if you make that mistake and cannot complete a quest then that’s your thought, and you either start a new game or move on. Not everyone feels this way and other gamers feel important NPCs should be impossible to kill and other measures should be put in place to stop them cheating the ranking system. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this especially considering there are quest issues after the latest patch?

Skyrim uncertainty from a select few – We’ve been looking at early reactions to the latest Skyrim update and found uncertainty among some gamers, which seem to be from people that haven’t bought Skyrim yet. We can understand some people wouldn’t want to part with money and then find their game broken, although from our experience Skyrim runs extremely well and most problems have been fixed or will be fixed soon. Not everyone shares this view and some people say they’re “not touching this game” and the “mess has left a sour taste” in their mouth. It’s interesting that some of these people haven’t spent any time with Skyrim, and just read comments online. There are other gamers that have put many hours into Skyrim and are not happy, does this sound like you?

Have you experienced any bugs or quest problems after the latest patch? In our opinion Skyrim has done a lot more right than wrong and the game is pretty amazing (even after 400+ hours), which can only get better for PC users with the Creation Kit now live and for console players when the DLC is released later this year.

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