Posted by John on February 10, 2012

Twisted Metal: Series Creator Promises Happy Ending for latest Installment

If you are PS3 owner and you plan to buy the latest Twisted Metal installment, series creator David Jaffe assures you that your choice will end with a happy ending. How’s that for a Happy Valentine’s Day greeting for PS3 owners? Not bad, considering Twisted Metal is one of the more durable game franchises around.

I mean, the series does stretch back a ways-since 1995 to be exact. Jaffe says that the latest installment of the PS3 exclusive series will come closer to the original “fantasy” concept he first envisioned back in the 90s. Jaffe said that the original fantasy they had in mind was so elusive that it was something they felt they could not really achieve. “We saw helicopters with guys leaning out with sniper rifles, we saw tanker trucks on the freeway jackknifing and flipping into sports cars and blowing them up. We get that now… With PS3 we really actually get to fulfill that fantasy,” said Jaffe. In essence, he claims that now PS3 technology has the graphics power to make the original fantasy a reality.

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While all this talk of “game developer fantasy come true thanks to technology” is great (albeit fairly generic), the real eye opener of Jaffe’s statement was when he promised every male gamer who purchases the game will get, well, er, erotic favors from their lady friends. To avoid any possible hate aimed at this blog, let’s let Jaffe’s own words speak for him directly: “It’s a great, great romantic gift. If you have a lady friend and she really wants to know the best game ever, she will give you a fucking blowjob if you play this game… If you let her win Twisted Metal split-screen, she will suck your dick.”
Now, that’s what he means by a happy ending. Remember, the quote above is his, not ours. Naturally, when pressed about the quote, he admitted saying it but the way it was quoted came off a bit wrong. Who knew?

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