Posted by John on February 9, 2012

Skyrim’s most needed PS3 1.4 patch last in line

According to noise on blogs and forums the PS3 version of Skyrim has either the most issues, or has users hurting the most from problems like the frame-rate bug. Not all players feel this way but after spending a few hours over the past week analyzing reactions to Skyrim’s 1.4 patch it seems PS3 users are most desperate to get their hands on the download. It’s for this reason why we find it strange how the PlayStation 3 is the last in line to receive the 1.4 patch, as PC users got theirs towards the end of last month and the Xbox 360 version has gone live today.

While we have nothing official there have been suggestions to say the PS3 1.4 patch could also go live today but Sony has been quiet on this. We already know Bethesda has done their part and are just waiting on Sony with the certification process and while we don’t know the reason behind the delay, it has been suggested that Microsoft has had an easier time than their rivals lately.

Skyrim’s most needed PS3 1.4 patch last in line

There is still a possibility that the patch could go live on the PS3 today but if it doesn’t there’s a strong chance it could be available by the end of the week, so fingers crossed. We do hope that this patch finally fixes the lag issue that has caused some PS3 users pain; although we’re sure gamers won’t mind waiting one or two more days for a patch that works properly. Do you expect patch 1.4 to fix the issues you have with Skyrim?

We mentioned above that Skyrim 1.4 patch is now available for the Xbox 360, and while this is exciting news for those with Microsoft’s console it hasn’t stopped some gamers taking the Bethesda Forum to complain about the 10MB size. This would not be an issue if the patch fixes bugs most gamers are having, but when you compare PC and console file sizes you have to be intrigued.

Some gamers had packed their copy of Skyrim away until the lag issue was resolved on PS3, although the general consensus on another Bethesda Forum thread is that the lag will still be there. While it’s easy to say these select few PS3 Skyrim players should not be so negative you have to remember the game is now three months old and the problem still persists.

We’ll soon find out if the PS3 patch is to go live today and will inform you if and when it does, although feel free to share a comment if you catch it first.

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