Posted by John on February 9, 2012

PS3 System Software Update 4.10 Is Live, Brings PSN Name Change And Improved …

sony-entertainment-network-sen-logoSo this officially marks the death of PlayStation Network, in name at least. The update brings us the new Sony Entertainment Network or SEN. According to Sony this change is purely cosmetic and shouldn’t have any affect on how you interact online, I’m probably still going to call it PSN. Besides the name change, the biggest change is an improved web browsing experience via updates they have made to the PS3?s built in browser which have been needed for a while now.

The PlayStation 3 system software version 4.10 update includes the following:

Setting the date and time automatically

The option [Set Automatically] has been added under (Settings) (Date and Time Settings).

Other new or revised features in version 4.10


The Internet browser has been improved for better support of interactive features and content display.


Your “PlayStation®Network account” is now a “Sony Entertainment Network account”. You can continue using your current sign-in ID and password to sign in to PlayStation®Network.

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