Posted by John on February 8, 2012

PS3 system software update 4.10 now available


NewsFebruary 08, 2012

PlayStation 3 firmware update version 4.10 improves system’s internet browser

PS3 system software update 4.10 now available

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    Posted by: Matt Liebl

    PlayStation 3 firmware update version 4.10 is now live for US and Europe PS3 owners.  The 180MB update not only includes the PSN name change, but is also said to include features that improves the PS3’s browser.

    The 4.10 update, of course, includes the already mentioned PSN name change.  In an effort for “more unity” between PlayStation Network and other Sony Entertainment Network services, all PSN accounts will now be renamed “Sony Entertainment Network Account”.  This is just a name change and will not actually change any of the PSN features - meaning you can still play games online, have access to the latest downloadable games and add-ons, and still experience a wide variety of entertainment features including movies, sports, and music across PSN.

    In addition to the name change, the system software update 4.10 brings updates to the PS3 Internet Browser with “improved display speed”.

    A look at the German PS3 Blog reveals some more details about the Internet Browser improvements and PSN name-change.

    • The Internet browser has been improved, which optimizes the display of content and increases the accuracy when viewing page layouts. Some sites that previously could not be correctly displayed, including interactive websites, are now supported with the PS3 system software 4.10.
    • Every time your PS3 system to connect to PlayStation ® Network (PSN) are prepared in the time you can precisely set via the Internet. For this you go into the XMB (XrossMediaBar) on [Settings] [Date and Time Settings] [Automatic Settings] to.
    • PSN account will be renamed Sony Entertainment Network account. The registration process and the credentials will remain the same.

    It has also been said that the new 4.10 upgraded browser adds support for Dropbox, a service that allows users to upload files from their computers (movies, music. etc.) and then download those files from another computer, or in this case the PlayStation 3.  According to Terminal Gamer, the Dropbox main site was unusable on the PlayStation 3, but is now fully functional, minus uploads from the PS3 itself, which is said to cause the system to freeze.

    We haven’t yet tried it, but they have said all music and movie downloaded files have worked with no problems at all (and downloaded extremely fast).  Dropbox offers a free 2GB of space just for signing, along with some added space when friends you invite sign up for the site.  The added Dropbox support may seem insignificant at first, but the fact that you no longer have to rely on USB thumb drives to move your content to the PS3 is a pretty handy feature.

    Sony has said that more details about the 4.10 firmware update can be found on the official PlayStation Support site.

    We’ll be sure to update you with any cool, new features we discover about the PS3 4.10 software update.  Let us know if you discover anything neat!

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