Posted by John on February 7, 2012

David Jaffe to quit Twisted Metal dev, focus on casual games - Report

God of War creator David Jaffe is expected to leave Eat Sleep Play, the studio he co-founded, after the development of Twisted Metal on PS3 is finished.

Click to view larger image That’s according to the company’s other co-founder, Scott Campbell, who told the Salt Lake Tribune that both Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play have a desire to - separately - shift their focus to casual games.

“[Jaffe is] excited to go into the casual space as well,” Campbell said. “He’s got some projects that he’s excited about. So we’re kind of going down two separate paths.”

Eat Sleep Play is said to have laid off eight employees last week as it finishes off Twisted Metal and transitions to mobile titles.

Jaffe responded to the Tribune report via Twitter, saying: “The rumors of me making casual games post TM - as many of you define them - are highly exaggerated.”

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