Posted by John on February 6, 2012

Naughty Dog says it ‘extensively’ looked at developing new Jak & Daxter

Naughty Dog says it ‘extensively’ looked at developing new Jak Daxter

Not to be.

Posted by: Miles Jolliffe
06/02/2012 - 16:37

Naughty Dog “extensively” looked into developing a new Jak Daxter title before moving onto The Last of Us, studio co-founder Evan Wells has said.

In the latest issue of GameInformer magazine, Wells revealed ideas to bring the character duo to PlayStation 3 were discussed.

“We’d all talked about it in interviews with fans asking, ‘Where’s the next Jak Daxter?’ I don’t know if this is going to make them happy or sad, but we did explore the idea fairly extensively,” he said. 

“Something that we talked about early on was, ‘Let’s go back and apply what we’ve learned with the Uncharted games to Jak Daxter.’ It’s one of the franchises that’s near and dear to us, and, in all honesty, we’d like to somehow honour.”

Wells went on to claim that, even if the studio’s new second development team had decided upon a new Jak Daxter title, it wouldn’t result in a game fans have been longing for.

“We just realised we were going to just do everybody a disservice. So at that point, the conversations started to move in a new direction,” he said, before stating that a Jak Daxter title for PS3 is still a small development possibility for the Uncharted development team at Naughty Dog.

Don’t count on it, though.

“It’s still up in the air, but I wouldn’t think that’s going to happen because I think we’d run into all of the same problems with that team that we did with this team.”

As mentioned, the team is now working on PS3 exclusive survival title The Last of Us which, at this moment in time, is looking darn good.


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