Posted by John on February 6, 2012

Final Fantasy X for Vita and PS3 is an HD ‘remaster’

When Square Enix announced a “remake” of Final Fantasy X for Vita and PS3 at Tokyo Game Show, we were skeptical. “We assume it’s simply an HD port of the classic title,” we wrote last year.

It appears our suspicions were correct. At the Taipei Game Show, Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto confirmed that the game is a “remaster” versus a full “remake.”

“It’s being developed as an HD Remaster, but the visuals will be much more beautiful than before,” he told GNN (via Siliconera). “Please look forward to it!”

The game was originally announced as a “remake” at TGS, so this backpedaling will obviously deflate the expectations of many Square Enix fans. At least the game is receiving some kind of facelift. Recent PS2 titles have appeared on the PlayStation Network as direct ports. Instead, Final Fantasy X will be getting the HD remaster treatment, a la ICO.

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