Posted by John on February 6, 2012

Final Fantasy X For PS3 and Vita Not a Proper Remake

Those expecting a proper remake of Final Fantasy X for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita should start tempering their expectations. Although we still have very little in the way of details, it’s been clarified that the project Square Enix has in the works is an HD remaster, not a remake.

Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto made this clear at the recent Taipei Game Show, according to GNN (via Joystiq). The difference between “remake” and “remaster” may sound like semantics, but in fact there are entirely different expectations that come along with the two. Depending upon how you feel about FFX, the reality of this being a remaster may or may not be welcome news.

When the PS3 and Vita versions of the game were first announced last September, we weren’t exactly sure if this was a full-on remake or not. It would have been difficult for the reveal to be more brief, and it was likely only shared at the time because the game was celebrating its ten-year anniversary last year. (It was released on PS2 in July 2001 in Japan, and December 2001 in North America.) If it were a remake, one would expect new features to be added in addition to changes being made. A regular old HD remastering similar to the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection released last year, which is what this appears to be, would only see the game’s visuals touched up to look more presentable on modern platforms.

This will likely come as a disappointment to fans who were hoping for something more substantial. Final Fantasy VII is the game fans of the franchise have been clamoring to get a remake of for years, but it’s become more and more clear that is not all that likely to happen. In lieu of that, a remake of a game from before Final Fantasy XIII went all linear and Final Fantasy XIV damaged the brand would have been welcome since we’re not about to see any of the PS1-era games get the remake treatment.

Then again, those who believe Final Fantasy X is great as it is will be pleased to know they’ll have the chance to replay the game they know and love with improved graphics. There is always the potential for a remake to alter something that doesn’t go over well; while we do not know for sure that everything will remain untouched, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from this HD remaster.

What side of the matter do you fall on? Are you pleased Square Enix is focusing on making Final Fantasy X a better-looking game for its eventual release on PS3 and Vita, or would you liked to have seen a full-fledged remake? Let us know in the comments.

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