Posted by John on February 4, 2012

‘I don’t see PS4 offering anything I’d want that PS3 doesn’t already do’

On last week’s mailbox Mike Brady made a case for this generation of consoles being the best ever.

This week we’ve got Steve Wood, who says he’s not completely done with the PlayStation 3 and doesn’t want Sony to release the PlayStation 4 yet.

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Click to view larger image I don’t want PS4 yet. I don’t see it offering anything I’d want that PS3 doesn’t already do. More graphics? I feel this gen still has more to offer. More integrated social functions? I’m already stretched too thin across FB, Twitter, G+ and Foursquare. And honestly, I don’t really like other people anyway! Real innovation? I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m already half-sold on Vita. My wallet doesn’t have room for another console anytime soon.

PSM3 says: Interesting - just exactly what will the next-gen offer? More power is good, but we’ve passed the point where power alone is enough to earn our hard-earned cash. And Vita could muddy the waters, true - if it sells better here than it’s currently doing in Japan.

CVG says:: We’re actually quite excited to see what the PlayStation 3 holds over the next few months, if we cast our minds back to the PS2 era some of our favourite games - and a lot of the platform’s most unique games - came out towards the end of its lifecycle. Either way we’re in for a treat, for the record though we think it still has plenty to offer.

Still can’t grill anything with it yet.

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