Posted by John on February 2, 2012

PS3 CoD Elite subs get new maps later this month

If you’re miffed for having paid for Call of Duty Elite premium membership on PS3 and still having to wait longer for new DLC than Xbox players, well, the wait is far from over.

Click to view larger image Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has confirmed today that premium Elite members on PS3 won’t be getting the new maps released on Xbox last month until the end of February.

“Modern Warfare 3 players on Playstation with Elite Premium will receive the new maps Liberation Piazza on Feb 28th,” he said more specifically.

That’s a good month behind Premium Elite users on Xbox, which got their fix on January 24. It has been the norm for Xbox users to get CoD content ahead of PS3 players, but the delays for Modern Warfare 3 in particular have been extra maddening for those on PS3 who have paid real money for Elite membership hoping their show of faith would shorten (or eliminate) the DLC delay.

There’s no mention of an ETA for non-premium users.

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