Posted by John on February 1, 2012

PS3 process for Skyrim 1.4 patch confuses

Most Skyrim users know that patch 1.4 is due this week on the PC, although considering the slight delay from an expected release in January we should be prepared for more delays if Bethesda run into problems. Console gamers also expect the Skyrim 1.4 update this week, although it might not be that straight forward.

We looked at the history of patch releases in an earlier article, which showed a pattern from PC beta to PS3 and Xbox 360 release. Considering the 7/8-day wait between PC beta and consoles after Microsoft and Sony certify the update, so we expected that it was likely the update had already been handed out for certification.

PS3 process for Skyrim 1.4 patch confuses

Skyrim creation kit and patch 1.4 delays – following the news that the creation kit had not kept with the initial release expectations, which some say had been confirmed by Bethesda for January, we now know that patch v1.4 is coming this week although the creation kit would be after this. This news has confused some Skyrim users, especially considering Bethesda said the update will be “sent to console manufacturers” in the current week.

If the patch got sent to Sony and Microsoft this week, when should the PS3 expect lag and frame rate issues to be fixed? It’s the view of some people that certification only takes a couple of days, and past patches seem to back this claim, which means the PS3 and Xbox 360 could get patch 1.4 this week if the update had been sent to the appropriate people at the start of the week.

So with this in mind it’s possible consoles might have to wait until next week for the next patch, if certification starts late this week. We must remember this is just speculation based on past events and a few statements officially from Bethesda, although we only have a few days left to find out if your issues will be fixed this week. Feel free to share any bugs you’ve found in Skyrim below.

You might want to see this forum, which highlights the confusion certain gamers are feeling over the PS3 process for Skyrim patch 1.4. Some users correctly point out that it doesn’t “take weeks to get certification“, although concerns come on the timing of a PSN store update and time Sony takes to get everything certified. There is a small window to get everything done this week, and this can easily be missed.

Further frustration and addiction can be seen in our earlier article that looks at the different types of Skyrim players. Do you expect the PS3 and Xbox 360 to get patch 1.4 this week?

UPDATE: A recent tweet by MW3?s Robert Bowling touched on patch 1.08 that has entered certification with Sony for the Call of Duty game, and while he explained it’s hard to tell how long this takes he did say it’s around a “2 week process“. With this in mind it’s safe to say that it could take this long for the next Skyrim patch to make its way to PS3. We’ll update you when we get more clarity on this.

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