Posted by John on February 1, 2012

PlayStation Store Update: Puddle of New PS3 Titles

Kane  Lynch

Today’s PlayStation Store update is pretty light on new content, but does feature several new retail PS3 titles now available to download.

The lone new PSN title is Konami’s Puddle, a physics-based puzzler where the player guides various fluids through the environment.  The retail price may be a bit harder to swallow than water though, at $9.99 Puddle could be a hard sell where similar titles are available on mobile devices for a fraction of that.

Four more formerly retail-only PS3 titles are now available on PSN, including Madden NFL 12 ($29.99), Kane Lynch 2: Dog Days ($19.99), Kane Lynch: Dead Men ($14.99), and the tragically overlooked Mini Ninjas ($19.99).  One new PSP retail release joins the PSN as well, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact (a full $39.99, although it is still fairly new).

Demo-wise this week is pretty strong on PS3, with new demos for Twisted Metal, Syndicate, and of course Puddle.  For the rest of this week’s content (avatars, DLC, etc.), check out the PlayStation Blog post.

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