Posted by John on January 31, 2012

Dragon’s Dogma to Ship This May

Ever since I first saw Dragon’s Dogma at last year’s E3 I have been intrigued. It looked to be this weird, quirky cross of Lost Planet 2 and Demon’s Souls. No idea if it will work out but I am definitely interested in the game and you should be too.

If you aren’t for any reason, then Capcom has their own way of roping you in: purchasers of Dragon’s Dogma will get a redeemable token for playable demo of Resident Evil 6. That’s right, the game that was just confirmed two weeks ago will be playable if you pick up Dragon’s Dogma when it releases on May 22 in North America or three days later in Europe.

Unfortunately, this comes with a catch. For whatever reason the demo won’t be available on the PS3 until September 4 in North America and the next day for Japan and Europe. The 360, on the other hand, gets an exclusive window to the demo for 60 days. No idea why Capcom chose to go this route (well, I could wager a guess) but at least that will give fans of the series a little over two months to try out the demo before Resident Evil 6 launches on November 20.

To get back to Dragon’s Dogma, the game will feature a new team system called “Pawns” These three AI partners fight independently and have been developed to play around the player’s style and actions. These pawns can also be shared over the PSN and can learn from playing in other people’s games. You can also borrow pawns for a specific mission and the game will ship with thousands of pre-made ones to boot.

In normal Capcom tradition, the game will also come with retailer specific pre-order DLC. Gamestop will get the ‘Pawn Upgrade Pack’ which gives players additional crystals so they can rent higher level pawns right when the game starts. Best Buy gets and ‘Armor Upgrade Pack’ and Amazon will get a ‘Weapon Upgrade Pack’ which give higher level items as well. If you’re a fan of DLC, then you’ll be pleased to know that Capcom is already planning additional quests, weapons, and armors. No word yet on if we can expect a complete edition of Dragon’s Dogma down the road.

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