Posted by John on January 30, 2012

Rock Band Dev Making Game For PS3, Xbox 360, Facebook

Rock Band and Dance Central creators Harmonix have been quiet about their next move. However, an online resume from one of their employees has revealed some details about what the studio is working on.

The resume for Rock Band 3 senior designer Brian Chan (via supererogatory) states that he’s now lead designer on an unannounced project. The project is listed for Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, and Facebook. His resume notes that he “led the design of a forthcoming title with microtransactions and deep social network integration.”

After word of this slip hit the Internet, Harmonix felt compelled to send out a statement.

“As we’ve stated before, our studio is growing and hard at work on a variety of titles,” said the developer (via Shacknews). “In a storied Harmonix tradition, our designers start working on those games before they’re publicly announced. We’re excited to confirm more information soon, probably via a LinkedIn update or something - we haven’t decided.”

Hopefully the sweet, sweet sarcasm in Harmonix’s statement can tide us over until they’re ready to make an announcement.

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