Posted by John on January 28, 2012

PS3 MW3 Elite users speak out against Activision

Activision tries to calm angry PS3 Call of Duty Elite subscribers.


There was some confusion among PlayStation 3 owners about the timing of the release of Modern Warfare 3 DLC on the console. The content that was released on Xbox 360 nearly a week ago, is being held back for PS3 players due to a previous arrangement that Activision has with Microsoft where Xbox gamers are due the content before anyone else.

While some PS3 users thought that with a premium Call of Duty: Elite membership, that they would recieve the content at the same time as Xbox 360 Premium Elite subscribers. Obviously this is not the case, as the content is still on hold, but Activision is dogding blame here as well, claiming that they didn’t mislead these angered gamers.

Dan Amrich, and Activision PR agent shoots down the complaints saying that Activision never told anyone that they would be getting the content at the same time.

“It was never one of the things listed in the official benefits chart; it was never promised by any representative of Activision, Call of Duty, Elite, or its developers. Honestly? I think gamers just convinced themselves that it would happen because they wanted it to happen. That makes sense, but it doesn’t make it true,” said Amrich on his blog: One of Swords.

“Elite subscribers will be able to access the DLC before it goes on sale to a la carte purchasers. The window of time has not been disclosed. For PS3 owners, this does not override this business deal that currently brings Call of Duty DLC to Xbox 360 first; that deal is valid through 2012. However, Elite members will get the DLC before the non-Elite members on their respective platforms,” Amrich pointed to an old post on the content timing issue to summarize.

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