Posted by John on January 25, 2012

Skyrim discontent and why PS3 lag fix works

Skyrim discontent and why PS3 lag fix works

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was years in the making, so it came as no surprise when positive reviews began to come in from both fans and critics. Like all games there have been a few issues along the way, and the most publicized problem in the World of Skyrim would be the PS3 lag that plagues certain users.

The feelings regarding Skyrim have been mixed from the start, as they wanted this to be a perfect RPG but depending who you ask Bethesda may have stopped a little short on this wish, although we’ve never met the perfect game. A recent article has looked into why the latest game from the Elder Scrolls series fails – you heard right – and while some of what they say makes sense, we’d have to disagree that Skyrim is a failure.

Their first issue is with the lack of consequences when you decide to go down the route of an evil character. In most games when you go round killing you might feel a little guilty, but you don’t seem to get this feeling in Skyrim; you just kill someone or something and then move onto your next quest. You do get the choice to turn yourself in and to turn over a new leaf, but the consequences for your terrible past don’t seem harsh enough.

You may remember an earlier article we published, which detailed this very issue in our hands-on. We killed a trader’s sister and then later paid money for our crime, but the brother was happy to see us after this, although we killed his sister. Skyrim is not the real world and we know how hard it must be to get everything correct, but this should not be the case. One reason this would have to be is thanks to that trader being an important part of a quest.

That’s not the only issue some seem to have with Skyrim, it seems as though combat in the game is lame. It’s said that the hack ‘n’ slash way of combat is a little dated now, but would you agree? While the article aims to uncover the failing of Skyrim, they do admit it’s still a great game but is a long way from perfect.

We understand people are different and have many views but this will undoubtedly upset some gamers; although others may support it. In our opinion Skyrim is an amazing success with a few tweaks being needed, which are in the process of being released.

Speaking of those tweaks, we were promised the Skyrim 1.4 patch would finally resolve the PS3 lag issue, and we are pleased to report it has; or will do once it’s released for Sony’s console. Bethesda has finally managed to isolate what has been causing the issue, and we were surprised to learn bookshelves were the culprit. This is because a script in your characters home could cause lag with active scripts, which in turn could then make your PS3 game save larger than what it should be.

The developer has not yet announced this but the PC patch notes for update 1.4 mentions the issue bookshelves have with save files and lag issues for the PS3. We still have no idea when the patch will be ready for download, but it should be soon.

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