Posted by John on January 25, 2012

PlayMemories Studio PS3 Video Editor to Arrive in March

Sony had unveiled a video editor for the PS3 called PlayMemories Studio at the CES. If you were waiting for more details on the app, we have all the good news, and the bad news too.

PlayMemories Studio PS3 Video Editor to Arrive in March

What can you do with the app that obviously goes well with PS3?  You can zoom and crop video clips, add captions, slow-mo and visual and sound effects, and even rotate them 90 degrees.

An app for the PS3 seems to contradict Sony’s plans on getting on all devices. Sony Entertainment Network president Tim Schaaf said that it’s probably not reasonable at this point in time to target a segment of customers who are all pure Sony from start to finish.

Cool, but here is the bad news. Though the company does not currently charge an upfront cost, rather than a subscription fee for any of its first party services on the PS3, Sony’s product demonstrator confirmed at the company’s London showcase that the PlayMemories Studio for PS3 would carry a price tag of around €10 in Europe. That’s about £8.35.

The iOS and Android PlayMemories apps will launch in March, around the same time as the PS3 app, but will be free of cost.

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