Posted by John on January 22, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Arriving On Xbox 360 And PS3 On November 6 [Official Trailer]

Resident Evil 6 Coming In November 2012

Fans of the Resident Evil series should immediately mark November 20, 2012 on their calendars, that’s the day Capcom has announced for the official launch of Resident Evil 6 for PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers. PC users will have to wait a longer yet to be disclosed time.

According to Capcom officials the new Resident Evil takes place in a world where bioterrorism attacks are occurring all over the planet, turning everyone into zombies.

As the President of the United States begins to address the U.S. he’s also attacked and turned into a zombie.

Along with Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield the game also introduces new characters that should be introduced at E3.

The new Resident Evil game should give a boost to gaming sales when it arrives, since the first Resident Evil game debuted in 1996 the series has sold more than 47 million copies worldwide and has spawned a movie series of the same name and premise.

Here’s the official trail for Resident Evil 6:

Our very own Daniel McCall reported earlier today that the game is also expected to have a 6-player co-op mode.

Will you be heading out to pick up Resident Evil 6 when it reaches a store near you?



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