Posted by John on January 20, 2012

Captain Morgane & The Golden Turtle - Latest Trailer

Shiver me timbers and other pirate clichés! Here’s the latest trailer for Wizarbox’s upcoming adventure game Captain Morgane and The Golden Turtle, due for release on 24th February for PS3, PC, Wii and DS.

Teaming up with BAFTA nominatd adventure game writer, Steve Ince, the creators of So Blonde have crafted themselves this new pirate-themed adventure game. Don’t mention Monkey Island *cough cough*.

Fabien Bihour, Wizarbox CEO said, “We wanted to build on the success of So Blonde with a character we grew to love - Morgane Castillo. But more than that, we wanted to build a world which was a worthy partner to Steve’s great storyline and script. As a studio we’re experienced in creating adventure games and wanted to give the player as many potential directions and activities as possible. We had to develop incredibly detailed interactive environments and high definition enabled us to do just that.

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