Posted by John on January 19, 2012

The real Skyrim PS3 lag fix may finally be on the way


Still playing Skyrim? If you are, then you’re most likely engaging on those fantasy adventures of yours through the lag-free comfort of a PC or a Xbox 360. PS3 owners, are most likely still busy hiking to Mount Doom to cast their cursed copy of the game into the molten magma, seeing as how a regular gameplay session has more breaks and stuttered action scenes than a dubstep music video.

But it looks like a ray of hope is finally peaking over the horizon, as Bethesda seems to have finally found a solution to the issue at hand for Sony sufferers.

When asked on Twitter to the status of the latest patch sorting that laggy issue out, Bethesda responded with:


@ we’re addressing that in the 1.4 update planned for this monthJanuary 9, 2012 10:59 pm via TweetDeckReplyRetweetFavorite

Hopefully this patch can finally fix the issue at hand that the previous two patches have largely failed to do. For those of you who have just purchased the game on the PS3 console, remember, any save games exceeding 6 megabytes in size will bring the action to a grinding, stuttery halt, so go easy on the quick-saves.

In the meantime, lets hope that the PS3 audience finally gets the gameplay experience that they paid for, before some maniac suicide-FUS-RO-DAHS Bethesda headquarters.

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