Posted by John on January 19, 2012

Rumor: Resident Evil 6 infecting 360/PS3 on Nov. 20

“Resident Evil 6″ may not be representative of the number of Resident Evil games that exist in total, but it looks to be the title of the next entry in Capcom’s long-running zombie series. A retail poster spotted by one GameStop-employed IGN reader outs the title, a November 20, 2012, launch date on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and a perfectly spooky drawing of the number six.

Additionally, GamesBeat purports to have insider info from a Capcomer in the know, who says that RE6 will star series vets Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy. Everyone’s favorite mysterious, violent lady, Ada Wong, is also rumored role in the yet-to-be-announced game. Scant other details were given, though it is said to be developed by an internal Japanese team at Capcom that’s “aiming for a cross between the action/horror blend of Resident Evil 4 … and the far more action-oriented Resident Evil 5.”

After The Sixth Axis tracked down Capcom as the source of a recent viral ad campaign (”No Hope Left”), the company’s US reps refused to comment on the meaning of the ads. At the time, it seemed likely that the faux graffiti was tied to the Resident Evil franchise given the stylized biohazard symbol found on the “o” in “No,” but now it seems all the more likely to be tied to an announcement at 5PM ET today, lining up with a notably direct video added to the ad’s website (found after the break). We’ll be here at 5PM — and beyond, of course — to let you know if we hear anything more official.

Update 1: IGN is further reporting that both Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy will be playable characters, each teaming up with “unnamed partners” for their own campaign branches — branches that will apparently cross paths at some point in the game. Ada Wong is supposed to be playable at some point after completing both Leon and Chris’ storylines, though a third unnamed character will also have a campaign that must be completed as well before Wong is accessible. All three campaigns will allegedly be available from the jump, allowing players to jump between stories. And finally, RE6 is supposed to be set “across the globe,” with China mentioned specifically. This is all according to “sources within the development team.”

Update 2: Capcom has since confirmed the game as heading to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 20 with a PC release to follow. Full story here.

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