Posted by John on January 19, 2012

Gunning for game revenue: Army licenses weapons for PS3 games; MWR programs to …

Gunning for game revenue: Army licenses weapons for PS3 games; MWR programs to benefit

Run-and-gun gamers soon will have an Army-branded arsenal to draw from with a new line of video gaming accessories from New York-based CTA Digital.

The new battle rattle, mostly for PlayStation3 consoles, includes everything from wirelessly connected assault rifles and Bluetooth throat mics to an assault bag to carry all your gear.

Don’t expect dead-on M4 replicas or mil-spec manufacturing, but the AA-battery-loaded weapons for PS3 are designed to replace your DualShock controllers and should be compatible with most of your favorite first-person shooters, say company officials, including “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,” “Call of Duty: Black Ops” and “Battlefield 3.”

The U.S. Army Sniper Action Rifle promises to closely match PS3 Move players’ in-game weapons of choice with a detachable scope, rear stock or muzzle.

Some of the proceeds from sales go to morale, welfare and recreation programs. Prices haven’t been released yet.

The company isn’t leaving the other consoles out of the fight. The “U.S. Army” lineup includes a universal backpack that will hold your Wii and Xbox gear just as easily as PS3 stuff, as well three headsets with varying compatibilities for Xbox, PC and PS3.

Ironically, troops will have to look to off-base gaming arms dealers to buy the Army-branded gear. As of yet, CTA Digital hasn’t gotten the separate license required to sell at the PX or other stores inside the wire, Army officials say.

“A lot of times, companies will see how sales go with the general public before selling on post,” says Paul Jensen, director of the Army Trademark Licensing Program.

Although there’s no word on whether Marines will see gaming guns branded with the eagle globe and anchor any time soon — or any of the other services for that matter — the Corps has authorized the use of its brand for a new line of Crosman Airsoft guns. Prices range from $25 pistol replicas to $119 M4 knockoffs. Click here for more details.

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