Posted by John on January 17, 2012

Max Payne 3: Title’s PS3 Version Brilliant – Remedy Entertainment

Developer Remedy Entertainment has only praises for Rockstar Games’ development efforts for the Max Payne. RockStar, who was in charge of the PlayStation version of the game, undertook a very challenging job when they took over the game’s development from Remedy Entertainment, which developed the title’s original version for the Windows PC.

“Brilliant,” said Remedy’s head of franchise development Ozz Hakkinen of Rockstar’s efforts to continue the title. “We absolutely love what they’ve done and couldn’t be more proud of where the series is headed… I mean, they don’t really make shitty games, do they? It’s as if the Rockstar logo has become this, ‘Seal of quality.’” The first installment of the game was released by Remedy Entertainment in July 2001. The company then sold the whole franchise in 2002 to the franchise to Take-Two Interactive Software, owner of Rockstar Games. The second installment, then created for the PlayStation, was then developed by Rockstar Games.

Handling over an IP developed by somebody else is challenging, more so since the title is iconic. A shooter game which uses the third-person perspective, the Max Payne series is known for the its use of panels with a graphic novel-look. The game has a neo-noir visual style, which look like old detective novels.

Screenshot from Max Payne 3 (Credit: Rockstar)

Screenshot from Max Payne 3 (Credit: Rockstar)

The third installment in the series is scheduled for release in March 2012. Rockstar will again handle the title’s development, but it will be the first game in the series where Remedy Entertainment or the series creator Sam Lake did not have a hand in the development. It will still be a third-person shooter game bu the head writer is Dan Houser, who has written many games in the Grand Theft Auto series.

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