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Catching up with The Last of Us for PS3

Catching up with The Last of Us for PS3

Naught Dog’s upcoming game, The Last of Us for PS3 is a strange one, as we have already learned much about the game, but when we think about it; we don’t know a lot either. Yes we have been given little bits of information, but you have to admire how the developer knows just how much to offer, without showing their hand. One thing we do know, they have been focal when suggesting the game will change the industry.

We already know the story follows a young girl and man, Ellie and Joel, as they are in a battle for survival following a virus, which seems to have wiped out most of the population. We have seen games and movies with this premise before, so hope Naughty Dog can add their spin on it?

The developer has always had a flare with their characters and stories; you only have to look at Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series to know what we are talking about. If they can replicate this, then the storytelling and characters could make The Last of Us a force to be reckoned with; maybe the start of a brand new franchise to go with it?

A recent article has been covering what was said to them in an interview with Naughty Dog, and they are now at the stage of working on the humor from the characters and emotion from the music, the two go hand-in-hand with each other. However, the main focus is the bond with Joel and Ellie – if they have survived a disaster like this, then their relationship has to be a special one, as they need to rely on each other to stay alive.

While playing the game (when it’s released) we might get an idea of just how resourceful us humans can be when you take all the fancy stuff away – well that’s the hope anyway? The developer knows rivals are doing a much better job in terms of a story within a game, so Naughty Dog will need to up their game.

The latest issue of OPM has The Last of Us on their front cover, along with some new games details regarding the game. It won’t be like Uncharted, where you have to stick to what has been laid out for you. However, it will not be open world like GTA or Skyrim either. You will be able to enter buildings, but this will not be part of the story, only for curiosity only. However, there could be ammo hidden in these places, as well as food. Having said that, it has been reported here gun fights are not going to happen that often, so you are going to have to use your wit to get out of some tough situations.

It’s not known exactly when The Last of Us will be released, but the excitement will begin to get the best of gamers soon.

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