Posted by John on January 16, 2012

Ninja Gaiden 3: Pre-release PS3 vs. Xbox 360

Ninja Gaiden 3: Pre-release PS3 vs. Xbox 360

March looks set to be a good month for new game releases, and one title gaining much attention is Ninja Gaiden 3. Just last week we looked at some screenshots, along with a video of some multiplayer gameplay. We noted some of the many changes Team Ninja has made to the upcoming version, and so far the response seems to be positive – we would love to know your thoughts on these changes?

Okay, so it’s all well and good looking at such videos, but isn’t it better to see how the two formats compare? For those gamers with both consoles they will be looking for a pre-release PS3 vs. Xbox 360 comparison, and we have found one for you. With the video we have to inform you that screen settings on both consoles were set the same, and they both connected via HDMI.

Over the years we have seen Xbox 360 games shine when compared to the PS3, this is because for the most part these were developed for Microsoft’s console, then ported over to the PlayStation 3. However, the tide has turned and things have began to even up, and maybe this is the reason why Ninja Gaiden 3 looks so good, but which of the two has the edge?

While looking at the video we had one issue, it’s not as gory as we had hoped – which has to be why it has been given a PG rating? Now we don’t want to get shot down here, but from what we can see on the video the only major difference is with the contrast, the PS3 looks to have deeper blacks. There will be those who doubt the validity of this comparison, as we have seen on a few occasions they were not done on two separate consoles but just one. However, we have no reason to doubt why this will be done again, so therefore, which console has the edge?

If you do have both consoles, the easiest thing for you to do is buy the game on the one you have the most love for. For those who just have the one, then it doesn’t really matter which looks best does it?

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