Posted by John on January 14, 2012

Xbox 360/PS3 graphics built into Google TVs

Xbox 360/PS3 graphics built into Google TVs

When we discussed the idea of OnLive having a partnership with Microsoft and Sony regarding integration with their next-gen consoles we knew it was something well worth considering. Now with the latest news of Google TVs coming with Xbox 360/PS3 graphics built-in, could this be the catalyst in making the former idea more of a reality?

We say this because the thought of Google TV offering console-like graphics is surely something Microsoft and Sony should worry about, as it shows the rivals are starting to think out off the box in ways to help improve the gaming experience without the need to own a console. Okay, in most cases they will need a special TV to do this, but if you were in the market for a new Television, why not spend just a little extra to give you so much more?

The OnLive cloud gaming service will be coming to all Google TVs, which will give them instant on-demand gameplay – a service that is growing in popularity all the time. Having seen the service in action for ourselves during Eurogamer in London last year, it’s easy to see why the service has been gaining traction so quickly.

Not only will OnLive gameplay be coming to Google TVs, but also Blu-ray players and Media Streamers powered by Google TV. This will mean most of the big TV makers will soon be able to have access to this sought after service. Now we know it will be a long time before most gamers are convinced by cloud gaming like this, but when game titles improve surely the conception will also?

Having said that, OnLive already offers over 200 game titles, such as Saints Row: The Third, Batman: Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, NBA 2K12 and many more. You can see the first game on this list in action below on the cloud gaming service, which will help dispel any fears you have regarding the quality.

If you still have any misconceptions, then maybe knowing more than 50 game publishers, as well as those who work on consoles have signed up to support OnLive. With this in mind you can rest assured of even more titles coming to the service, which can only mean a better gaming service.

Google TV and its partnership with OnLive is considered a huge step for videogames, as the streaming of such games will soon be like some of the others services we rely on today, such as movies, videos and music.

What are you thoughts regarding OnLive, is this the future, and should Microsoft and Sony be worried?

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