Posted by John on January 12, 2012

Skyrim PS3 Lag Being Addressed (Again) in This Month’s Patch

I have the PS3 version too.

Posted: 01/10/2012 by  Nachtritter

Lag occurs more and more frequently depending on the length of time you have played the game, the amount of time played in a session, and the amount of changes you bring to the gameworld. The more you do, the worse it will get. I can tell you that at about 10mb for a save game, with over 60 hours of playing in one save game so far, the game starts to stutter and grind to 0 fps every 5-10 seconds and sometimes simply freezes, after about 20-30 minutes of playing straight. It can take longer before the ‘lag’ sets in if you haven’t moved too many books, shot too many arrows (they don’t disappear from the game world, no matter how many days you rest), or left too many weapons lying around (when you kill enemies, make sure you grab their weapons and put them back into their inventory, the enemy corpses despawn after a while, their weapons left on the floor don’t). Also, forget about glowing dust from enemies slain through magic, they never despawn and will constantly occupy space in memory. Same goes for the light effect from Nirnroot — they will stack for every day you don’t pick up the Nirnroot once you encounter it and each stack is another bit in memory that’s taken.


Etc etc.


This port is a complete mess.

Also: “only crashed once on me, but I mean, It happens to every game at least once”?? No. I’ve played plenty of games that never crashed, lagged, or otherwise bugged to the point of being impossible to complete (either in part or entirely). I know a lot of people want what you said to be true, but it just isn’t. Please don’t try to excuse Bethesda’s poor coding.

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