Posted by John on January 11, 2012

The PS3 isn’t just for watching the NFL anymore

If you enjoy college football, or any other kind collegiate sporting event, some new apps are here for your disposal.

dualcollege The PS3 isnt just for watching the NFL anymore

Announced earlier today, and available for download this very second via the PlayStation Network, are a pair of brand new video apps. The first is tied into XOS College Sports, and the other, the SEC Digital Network.

Much like EPSN’s and similar apps, both allows access to both classic and current events, via on demand. And not only can you relieve past glories themselves, but there’s also a host of supplementary content, mostly in the form of documentaries. I’m not a big college sports fan myself, but it sounds like a good deal to me.

The PlaySation Blog has the following highlights:

- Pre-game analysis from the XOS Digital Studio during the week
- Post-game highlights immediately after the game as well as a “Game of the Week” extended highlight
- Full games are available to purchase and watch the next day
- Classic games and documentaries dating back to the 1950’s
- Free daily programming including “SEC Today,” “SEC In The Paint,” “Game Day Central,” and weekly coaches teleconferences

Again, I don’t follow sports, but know plenty that do, and each one them cannot stand having cable. Yet they all subscribe due to their sports packages, which is the only way to see certain games. So perhaps with the above and other options, they too can finally get rid of their cable bills?

Though someone whose actually into such things will have to give me the real lowdown. But also, let’s just hope it works better than the DirectTV NFL thing on PS3, which I hear pretty much sucks, due to constant freezing and the like.

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