Posted by John on January 11, 2012

Modern Warfare 3 upcoming DLC shows that Call of Duty Elite PS3 users not so …

We found out yesterday that the upcoming nine month excursion of DLC coming to Modern Warfare 3 would have different due dates depending on 1. If you are a Call of Duty Elite member and 2. Which platform you play on. After reporting this news and getting clarification from Robert Bowling, it appears (and rightly so in my mind) that the PS3 Elite members are getting the shaft. While I understand that Activision and Microsoft have had a deal in place since 2007 which gives Microsoft the head start in the DLC department, I can’t help but feel a little sympathy for PS3 users (note: I do not own MW 3 or am subscribed to Call of Duty Elite).

When you come out with a subscription based program that is supposed to give you an advantage, an edge, or even a head start from everyone else, you can’t come back and knock it down a few pegs later on for a specific group of people. This is exactly how PS3 users are feeling right now as my twitter account lit up with a bunch of PS3 Elite users complaining about the issue. Robert Bowling (and let’s be fair here, this isn’t his decision), only mentioned that PS3 Elite users would be getting the DLC later on, and I believe that’s the biggest issue here. When exactly is later on? Why come out with a press release and not have a date for the people who subscribe to your service. Later on could be a week, which probably be ok for most people, or it could be a month later. If we go back past DLC for the Call of Duty experience,  PS3 and PC users would normally get their DLC around 30 days later. While that might not seem like a long wait, when you shell out extra cash for an “elite” membership, you don’t expect to wait. While the FAQ section for the Call of Duty Elite service clearly states that PS3 users would get their DLC later on, it still doesn’t sit well with me and especially subscribers to the service. Not to mention the PC users who are left sitting around waiting until March, instead of January/February.

So what do PS3 members want? In a perfect would, it would be to get the DLC at the same exact time. Since that’s not going to happen, how about a little bit more clarity in when they will get it. I think, in the end, that’s what people want most. When you are a member of anything, you don’t like to be kept in the dark.

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