Posted by John on January 9, 2012

Wii, PS3, X360 Marketshare Percentages by Q Shipments - 1st Gen to have BIG 3 …

Hope you find the chart interesting. It’s looking more likely we’re going to see all 3 consoles end in the 30% - 40% marketshare range, a first ever I believe?

With Q4 due in, and 360 and PS3 being ahead by a fair bit, Wii’s 44.13% is going to drop a lot, likely below 42.80%.

If we look at these LTD’s by the end of 2012, this puts the Wii at 40.16%.

Wii - 102m (7m)
360 - 77.5m (12.5m)
PS3 - 74.5m (12.5m)

With it looking increasinly likely Nintendo have shipped around 10m this CY, and 360 and PS3 above 14m, these numbers seem plausible.

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