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Review: Power A Mini Pro Elite Wireless Controller (PS3) - 2D

POWER A Mini Elite PS3 Controller 300x232 Review: Power A Mini Pro Elite Wireless Controller (PS3)

exsmall Review: Power A Mini Pro Elite Wireless Controller (PS3)Need an extra controller for your kids, but don’t want them to ruin your $55 Dualshock 3? Have small hands and the PS3 pad design just doesn’t cut it? Power A has the solution!  With the Power A Mini Pro Elite Wireless for PS3 ($34.96, Amazon), your problems are solved without burning a hole in your wallet. Plus, Power A gives you a lot more than any other third-party company can offer.

The Mini Pro Elite is a fully wireless controller for the Playstation 3. It comes packaged with a mall USB-dongle, and a six-foot USB-to-mini-USB cord for recharging–as any wireless PS3 controller should. Unlike other third-party controllers which are usually wired or require a couple of AA batteries, Power A’s new controller makes sure you not only spend less money initially, but save money in the long run.

This controller also has full SIXAXIS support, unlike other non-dualshock controllers. The Mini Pro Elite fits nicely in the hands and is very lightweight, do executing moves (such as throwing grenades in Uncharted 3) will be much easier. The SIXAXIS support is very responsive, and I have not experienced any lag with the device. In addition, there’s dual rumble motor support for those of us who rage at the thought of lives without vibration feedback.

I have a weakness for flashing lights and colors, and there’s plenty found here. Your four main buttons and your L1 and R1 buttons light up in a nice blue color that compliments the controller. Unlike the Afterglow controllers, the LEDs are not blinding and are a nice subtle touch to the overall design of the controller. If you just don’t want the LEDs on at all, you can turn them off by pressing the button on the back.

Overall, Power A did a fantastic job with the Mini Pro Elite Wireless PS3 controller. I’m not typically a fan of smaller controllers, but this one really fits well in the hands and does a good job of being one step ahead of the other third-party Playstation 3 controllers.

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