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‘Twisted Metal’ creator suggests renting for gamers expecting epic campaign

‘Twisted Metal’ creator suggests renting for gamers expecting epic campaign

The always vocal and opinionated developer of the PS3 exclusive Twisted Metal, David Scott Jaffe, has offered a bit of advice for gamers who hope that the game’s single and co-op campaign will be on the level of a Batman: Arkham City, Killzone 3, or, God forbid, The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim. You may want to rent the game instead.

twisted metal Twisted Metal creator suggests renting for gamers expecting epic campaign

Jaffe made the pronouncement on Twitter where he admitted he wasn’t knocking his creation but trying to set expectations for what gamers will receive when they drop their money on the vehicular shooter. In fact, he calls it the greatest Twisted Metal game ever created.

“Twisted Metal does indeed have a 1player and split screen co-op campaign!” Jaffe explains. “BUT to keep expectations in check, know this: the bosses are super cool, I think the stories/cutscenes/game fiction is really very cool, and the campaign is more varied than any other TM we’ve ever made BUT if you go in expecting a campaign the likes of BATMAN:ARKHAM CITY, SKYRIM, GEARS OF WAR, KILLZONE 3, etc…you will be sorely dissapointed.”

“The game- I feel- is well worth the asking price BUT that’s for folks who love the MP (local same couch 2-4 player split screen or online MP ((1 player full screen online, 2 player split screen online)) ),” he continued. “If you are buying the new TM ONLY or MOSTLY for campaign, might I suggest a rental?”

“Again, not knocking our campaign- it really is the biggest and most varied one we’ve ever done- but just want to set expectations and be super clear that the heart and soul of the title is all about the MP. I feel I have to do that in this day and age of MEGA MASSIVE super amazing games that have campaigns like Batman, Uncharted 3, and Skyrim. But with all that preamble, this is the best Twisted Metal game- bar none- we’ve ever done and I am insanely proud of the game and the Utah and Sony Santa Monica teams!”

It may sound like an odd thing to say when the goal is to get as many people buying your game as possible. But Jaffe always been the honest type with his games going so far as to call his PSN title, Calling All Cars, a mistake in an interview with with G4?s Adam Sessler at the 2012 DICE summit.

Twisted Metal is currently set for a February 14 release.

Via: @DavidScottJaffe

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