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GameFlavor Reviews SNK’s Prehistoric Isle For PS3, PSP

GameFlavor Reviews SNK’s Prehistoric Isle For PS3, PSP


Prehistoric Isle is one of the latest releases from SNK for the PlayStation Network, meaning it can be played on both the Sony PS3 as well as the Sony PSP. This may be touted as a PlayStation Mini release for the PSN, but this is still one very fun experience.

Prehistoric Isle puts you in the time period of the 1930’s, as you take control of a fighter pilot who travels to some remote island in the Bermuda Triangle.

This is the set-up to get you on this crazy island that is Prehistoric Isle.

You will play through the game, a side-scrolling adventure title, blasting your way through in your fighter plane.

This is a very enjoyable side-scrolling experience that can be played in both single player mode as well as in a co-op mode.

As you progress through the varying levels, you will pick up special weapons boosts, and battle in boss fights that present some great rail experiences.

For a PSN release coming in at a price tag of $2.99, this release has some pretty good value.

The visuals and sound effects are pretty respectable for what they are, and the game sets up you for success by allowing you to keep on plugging along by continuing as many times as you please.

The game will take you about 1-hour to play through in full, but with the single and co-op modes thare is potential here to play through it for higher scores as well as just for some fun with your buddies.

At this price SNK has put out a nice high-value release for the PSN, as this is one of those games that could be a lot of fun being played on both the PS3 as well as the PSP.

GameFlavor Score: 8.7 out of 10

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