Posted by John on January 7, 2012

Skyrim PS3 patch 1.4 raises hardware debate

Skyrim PS3 patch 1.4 raises hardware debate

We’ve experienced the Skyrim PS3 framerate issues (aka lag) first hand, and while an update seemed to have fixed the issue, it was later discovered to only temporary help and the problems returned with more gameplay. PS3 owners now await Skyrim patch 1.4 in the hope it fixes their problems, although it’s worth noting that not everyone experiences the problems as regular.

Have you experienced a frame rate slow down on the PS3 version of Skyrim? Within the last couple of weeks it was confirmed that Bethesda would not be fixing this specific PS3 issue with the next patch, according to this forum post, which was apparently discovered after one user contacted Skyrim support. Both PS3 and Xbox 360 players can expect bug fixes, but it seems that the frame rate issue, only on the PS3, will not be fixed any time soon.

This has proven some gamers correct, who quickly guessed weeks ago, that a fix would not be simple for the PS3 and if this rumor is true, then we can see some players abandoning the game. Having clocked over 300 hours with Skyrim now on the PS3, we can confirm the issue has not been big enough for us to abandon the game, although we’re aware the “Lag” affects users differently for some reason.

Skyrim issues on the PS3: Bad porting or hardware limitations? Following the news rumor that Bethesda will not address the PS3 issue in the upcoming update, this has caused debate among PS3, PC and Xbox 360 owners. Some people feel Sony’s system is superior to Microsoft’s system and point to the game being ported badly to the PS3, and then there are others that feel it’s not the developers fault, but PS3 limitations.

When the Skyrim frame rate issue happens on the PS3 it’s really bad, and a restart normally sorts things for a while, but we can understand how this would annoy certain players. Some players might stop supporting Bethesda games if they end up waiting a long time for a fix – will this be you?

You can read another post about the PS3 Skyrim problems and patch 1.4 here, which also raises questions about frames per second and freezing. It seems the real gripe with some people is not getting answers to their problems, and also not having a deadline. In support of Bethesda, one administrator did point out that until the next update has “cleared certification“, they won’t know the final changelog.

You can expect Skyrim patch 1.4 later this month, the exact contents of this update are not available at the time of writing.

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