Posted by John on January 6, 2012

5 PS3 games that could be improved on Vita

With the release of the PlayStation Vita looming ever closer we’ve been not bad but we thinking about what games we’d like to see on the Vita and how the Vita would actually improve them.

Although the Vita has the potential to enhance gaming experiences in many ways we’ve latched onto the handheld’s ‘Transfarring’, which allows players to pick up and play their console save games on the go using the Vita. Stupid name aside we think this particular feature could have the biggest impact.

Here are a few games we’d like to see use it:


Admit it - you’ve already sunk 100 hours of your life in to Skyrim. Imagine if it was on Vita though; you wouldn’t have to pull yourself away for any longer than you need to. You could just keep playing, and keep playing and… stop because the battery has run out.

Click to view larger image With Transfarring, the save file containing your level 75 crack-shot archer or your hairy, butch Nord wouldn’t have to stay at home. You can transfer the save to your Vita and happily continue slaying (backwards-flying) dragons and dressing up the NPCs with buckets before stealing everything they own on your commute to work.

People don’t always have hours of free-time to sink in to games like Skyrim at home, but if they’re spending an hour or two on the train everyday, that would be the time for them to get some grinding done. Transfarring would allow players to have their head in the Skyrim at all times.

Skyrim is one of those “magic time eater” games. You know, the ones where you start playing at 7 PM and ten minutes later you look at the clock and it’s 4 AM, so it would definitely keep you entertained during those boring public transport journeys.

We understand how difficult it would be for Bethesda to get Skyrim running on the Vita, especially since they seem to be having trouble getting the PS3 version to full strength, so we’d be happy if we could have aspects of Skyrim on the go. Perhaps some ways to increase out skills, manage our character, relationships or inventory.

Although with the PS3 struggling with save file sizes, who knows how the Vita would cope. But we’re just fantasising, so in our ideal world, there would be no problems.

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