Posted by John on January 5, 2012

PS3 to Play Home to More of SEGA’s House of the Dead Series

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Last year, the once Wii exclusive House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut was brought to the PlayStation 3. And while it wasn’t a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, it worked will with the PlayStation Move in replicating that “arcade” experience on the PS3. It was a lot of fun, too. SEGA announced this morning that there is more House of the Dead arcade-style fun coming to the PlayStation Network.

SEGA revealed this morning plans to bring House of the Dead 3 and House of the Dead 4 to the PlayStation 3 via PSN. The classic arcade shooters will again feature PlayStation Move support, and a HD makeover. Although, SEGA was quick to point out that the HD-ness of them won’t be as significant as HotD:O-Extended Cut (which wasn’t that good in the first place), and instead be a mere sprucing.

House of the Dead 3 will arrive on February 7th, while House of the Dead 4‘s release is more vague with just “Spring” as the window.


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