Posted by John on January 5, 2012

Needed updates for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2012

Needed updates for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2012

With the ongoing argument of what is better PS3 or Xbox 360 we thought it would be a good idea to see what updates could benefit the pair this year and get views from various perspectives on what is needed.

PS3 MMGN talks about five Vita features that the PS3 could do with, as the ability of checking friends of friends on the Vita would be an advantage on the PS3 console, so that it is more social friendly, similar to that of the see who you last played option on Xbox Live. A photo taking feature like that of the Vita would also come in handy.

One of the main updates would be to buy and store as many of the PSN launch games possible on the PS3 no matter what size they are. The whole PlayStation 3 interface would benefit from LiveArea interface of the Vita making it fun and easier to use as well as a simpler way to move content from your console to home computer to allow for storage.

In an article on IGN, there is more on the changes that the Xbox could benefit from in 2012, with a mention of the limited amount of exclusives games to a problematic dashboard along with making the most of the Kinect feature with more decent games. Showing some support to the 360 when it comes to the launch of a new system, like that of the ten-year plan by Sony supporting the PS2 when the PlayStation 3 came about would be ideal.

Advantage could be taken with the amount of room for digital distribution to grow with games on demand. The dashboard has plenty of possibilities as a front room media center although invasive ads and game pages can be annoying along with the new update making the XBLA and XBLIG sections hard work.

IGN also has a post on how Sony can rectify the mistakes of the last year and make it better throughout this year. After a problematic 2011, there are a few examples of how Sony can make up lost ground on the Xbox and the first idea would be to cut the cost of the PS3 console. Another theory would be to get some exclusive content like the Max Payne 3 missions and Grand Theft Auto V stories.

With Twisted Metal arriving in February and Starhawk hopefully before the summer, a decent promotion of these would be ideal along with giving a reason to make the PSN matter promoting money vouchers of $20 or so with every new PS3 giving people a reason to try it out. The new PlayStation Vita should have more media attention promoting the good points rather than focusing on the negative ones as it prepares for release in the west.

Do you have any ideas on how both the PS3 and Xbox can improve during 2012? After the shocking year Sony had last year with issues, there is always room for more improvements.

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