Posted by John on January 4, 2012

Potential for PS Vita not realized, mirrors PS3 and PSP

Potential for PS Vita not realized, mirrors PS3 and PSP

For those awaiting the new PS Vita the news that it might not be doing as well as expected may not come as a shock. When the PSP and PS3 first came out the figures then show that they also had a slow start, so we thought it would be wise to look at a few views that may help us with a general perspective.

The sales expectations of the PS Vita are mentioned in an article on IGN and their view is that not all is well concerning Sony’s new handheld console. After selling about 325,000 units in its first 48 hours the figures suggest that the PS Vita has gone down with only 72,479 additional units sold in the week before Christmas. This judgment cannot be based solely on the release in one country alone, as there is a lot of potential for it around the world.

Consumer recognition could be one problem that Sony could be facing as not many people are aware of the Vita, and with Nintendo’s 3DS releasing two new Mario games in Japan just weeks before the PS Vita was released the attention was taken away even more so. The PlayStation Portable was a big success although it was a victim to countess amounts of piracy and this is where the Vita memory card has come about with various prices. This last minute compulsory addition has also had an affect on the sales as this added price makes the PS Vita much more expensive.

Dropping the prices of these memory cards and adding a 4GB card with every console would help sales along with the idea of adding a free game or memory card with a purchase of either. Another way would be to give users some cash to use in their PlayStation Store wallets for a cheaper online access on the PSN. These are a few things that Sony can do to help the success of the PS Vita and in a report on GamesRadar, the lackluster sales have amounted to possible cuts in Japan.

This could be good news for the consumers all around the world as there might be a domino effect reducing prices in the US, UK and all other parts of the globe. Do you think this could be as much to do with the current economic climate as well as poor marketing? Maybe the added cost of the memory card is a big drawback.

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