Posted by John on January 3, 2012

Epic Mickey 2 Revealed

Epic Mickey 2
has been revealed, by accident. In a Disney newsletter that was sent out recently, a paragraph was given with information about an upcoming Epic Mickey 2 game. This is the first we have heard of any sign confirming a sequel to the 2010 Wii game, Epic Mickey.

The information in the newsletter states some pretty important details, the main two pieces being that Epic Mickey 2 will also be hitting both 360 and PS3. Additionally it will be featuring a co-op mode in which player two becomes Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, flying a helicopter and controlling electricity to fight and solves puzzles.

Check out the quote from the newsletter below. Although we have no confirmation from Disney, It seems pretty certain that this was just information that got out a little early.

“Disney Epic Mickey 2 is the latest game in the critically acclaimed Disney Epic Mickey videogame series. In this all-new action-platforming game available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, Mickey embarks on an epic journey and is pulled back into a world filled with Disney’s forgotten characters. Players can choose to play single-player as Mickey or for the first time players can also choose two-player split screen mode. In the two-player mode one person can play as Mickey wielding magic paint and paint thinner to dynamically change the world and the second player can play as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit – Walt Disney’s first cartoon star – with the power to fly like a helicopter and use electricity to fight or friend enemies and solve challenges. Team-up and choose your path to save this forgotten world because the choices you make will alter the story and change the end of the game!”

Source: IGN


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