Posted by John on January 2, 2012

What Does Sony Need To Do To Beat X360 In America???

Two Reasons:

One that’s about the 360. Live. IMHO games did not give the 360 the lead in US (although they helped, particularly Halo and Gears - but Xbox showed you could sell 10 million plus Halos and still only get 20 million consoles sold) but Live and being miles ahead of Sony in providing a PC quality online experience did. MS knew there would be a big and growing market for console/online gaming in US and got themselves set up to support it way ahead of Sony.

By the time PSN caught up and PS3 had more exclusives coming out it was already all over. 360 had the market-share and mind-share for online gaming. Just because Killzone was higher resolution than Halo was irrelevant. The key was the online service not the game on it’s own.

Second that’s about the Wii. While Sony was so busy trying to bring PSN up to speed for online and pump out gritty titles to combat the 360 appeal to young males in US, the Wii came in and snapped up the casual gaming demographic that Sony had enjoyed with the PS2 (a demographic Sony obviously expected to gain a much bigger chunk of to give them the edge over MS). Again, by the time Sony belatedly got more family friendly stuff out it was too late - they’d lost the market to their old foe Nintendo while fighting a different battle with MS. TBH given the Wii’s unexpected hit with motion controls there was little Sony could do.

The result is the PS3 is behind and will now stay behind in US most likely.

If Sony had got PSN up to speed a lot faster, and got cross-chat in place while they still had time early in the gen they might have managed to keep the gap narrower, and if they’d managed to hold onto more of the casual market by having a focus on family games (and got Move out earlier) then things might have been different - but they didn’t and it’s all “What Ifs…” now.

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