Posted by John on January 2, 2012

New Evidence Indicates May Launch Date For GTAV

Grand Theft Auto V
+ Grand Theft Auto V

It’s one of the biggest questions of 2012: when will Grand Theft Auto V hit the market?

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich says Rockstar’s latest will be even bigger than this year’s Call of Duty, and hardcore GTA fans have been waiting for a while. If you forget, GTAIV launched in April of 2008.

So how much longer will we have to wait? Well, recent predictions have fallen in the middle of the year, and the latest piece of evidence is no exception. If you check NME’s website, you’ll see a list of “reasons to be excited about 2012″ and right there at #8 is GTAV, with a reference to a May release window. That doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility; Max Payne 3 is set for March, so May might be the perfect time.

Also, Rockstar has a history of bringing out debut trailers for new project around 7 months before the game is ultimately released, and that GTAV debut video hit the Internet in November. So…are we going with May? Or do we need more solid proof?

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