Posted by John on January 2, 2012

Amazon discounts select PS3 peripherals, active games

We don’t mean these games will make you start taking hikes or playing bocce ball in the park or something. These are games Amazon has classified as active — they require more input from the player than simply mashing a button or d-pad. Sometimes you have to, like, stand up to play these games.

Amazon’s discounting Just Dance 3, the LittleBigPlanet 2 Move bundle, Zumba Fitness … and Rocksmith? Rocking out counts as activity, we guess. There are also discounts on Kinect and the Wii Cyberbike. Oh, and PS3 accessories have been incongruously mixed into the list. You can pick up some 3D glasses, in case Santa dropped one of those 3D displays down your chimney this year.

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