Posted by John on December 29, 2011

N-Control dismisses marketing consultant, discounts PS3 Avenger pre-orders

Keeping up with your gamer gossip? Then you’re probably up to snuff on the recent Ocean Marketing / Penny-Arcade spat. We held our tongues as the drama unfolded — no easy task, considering Engadget’s name was dragged into the affair — but now it seems like the internet soap-opera is reaching its conclusion.

Not the gossiping type? Here’s a quick recap: When N-Control’s latest Avenger add-on missed its November 8th street date, customers with pre-orders were left wanting. Some reached out for answers, hoping they could still get their PS3 Avenger before Christmas. All they got in reply, though, were some *ahem* choice words from N-Control’s third party marketing contractor, Paul Christoforo — a man who gained instant notoriety when his emails caught the

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