Posted by John on December 29, 2011

Metal Gear Rising: No major PS3 advantages

Metal Gear Rising: No major PS3 advantages

There are a number of rumors making the rounds that suggest that Metal Gear Rising’s lead platform will be the PS3, but from what we have learned, Sony’s console will have no real advantages. From what we know it looks as though both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will take the lead, as no one console will have anything that different to offer.

We were told that the game would be developed for Microsoft’s console first by Platinum Games and Sony’s next. However, from what is reported here this is far from the truth. It seems that Platinum is handling both platforms at the same time, so we should not read anything into the fact that the game was being shown off by using a 360 controller.

The simple reason for this is because this very controller is used to work the PC version of the making of the game, which you can see below. Both version of the previous game were the same, so we have no reason to see why this would not be the case for Metal Gear Rising as well, which if is the case then fans will have a real treat in store.

Let’s look at this whole lead thing for one moment, if the Xbox 360 was used as a lead, then chances are the PS3 version would be inferior, as ported games is more difficult to achieve for the PlayStation 3. However, if they used the PS3 as lead, then it would look almost the same on the 360. Now you can take from that what you will – just thought we would add our two-cents in.

Would you agree that the PS3 is the weakest leak in the chain when it comes to porting games?

Some fans of the upcoming game have been taking to this Forum to offer what they hope to see, and a few of their suggestions certainly get you thinking. We love the idea that one user would like to see Metal Gear Rising excel on all platforms and not just one or the other in the case of Skyrim. It’s all well and good thinking this, but we just cannot see this happening. Having said that, this could be the time when we finally get to see a game of equal status on two consoles.

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