Posted by John on December 29, 2011

Be First To Buy ‘Twisted Metal’ PS3, Get ‘Twisted Metal Black’

If you aren’t excited about Twisted Metal PS3, then frankly, I don’t know what kind of person you are. It’s Twisted Metal… on the PS3. I mean, if you have a thing about clowns or whatever, I can see how the premier vehicular combat franchise might be a turn-off for you, but otherwise, you’re just kidding yourself. If someone were to ask you, today, “Hey, how would you like to drive around in a demonic ice cream truck and lay waste to your hapless opponents at maximum velocity,” you’d say yes. And Twisted Metal empowers you to do exactly that.

Of course, not everyone has experienced the wonders of car combat, and that’s why the new Twisted Metal is taking extra steps to reward those who take the plunge first. Co-director David Jaffe’s just informed us that first-edition copies of the game I’m calling Twisted Metal PS3 will come bundled with a voucher good for a free copy of previous series entry Twisted Metal: Black. A significant stylistic departure from its predecessors, Black was among the most gruesome games in the series, earning an M rating and taking the sinister undercurrents of previous games to the next level. Based on what we’ve seen from the upcoming reboot, it looks like Black will make a great counterpart and a good starting place for newcomers to the series. Whether this replaces, or acts as a consolation prize alongside, an online pass remains to be seen, but either way, it’s good news for early adopters.

Early adopters of serial-killing clowns.

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